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Pathways to Designing High-Performance Buildings

By Rick Reynolds  One of the challenges to building a durable, healthy, high-performance home or commercial building lies in determining who should design it. The range of choices and decisions are many, and expenses can easily mount without a firm hand on how to solve basic (or complex) design and engineering issues. There are two…

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Flexible, Adaptable Living Spaces and Millennials

By Rick Reynolds At Bensonwood and Unity Homes, we are dedicated to maximizing the Open-Built® features on every project. Open-Built is about “disentanglement” and reorganization, which leads to mechanical systems being separated from the structure and organized for easy accessibility. But why does this matter? Why should anyone want access to dark recesses of the…

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An Eco-Conscious Mountain Resort.

By Rick Reynolds With the need for stricter land management and higher-density, lower-impact developments increasingly being required, Bensonwood’s high-performance building technologies are being called upon to address the challenge. And nowhere is the challenge more imperative than in Vermont, a state known for its pristine views, progressive environmental laws and stringent building codes. As an…

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