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New Home Architecture: Who’s driving the bus?

By Rick Reynolds Do homebuyer choices drive future trends in architecture or do future architectural trends affect homebuyer choices? Thankfully, the answer is both. Home buyers, for their part, must anticipate future needs. Where does my home need to be? How many people will live in the house? How much house will I/we be able…

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Prefab Quality

“Montage building” is becoming the wave of the future. By Rick Reynolds Is prefab quality an oxymoron? For many people, quality is not the first thing that comes to mind when prefab or prefabricated is used to describe homes. Indeed, it’s often the last thing. As an adjective, the term “prefab,” short for “prefabricated,” simply…

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Bensonwood to Fabricate Writers-in-Residence Cabins

Writers' cabins

Sustainable CLT studios to usher in a new Pittsfield, MA, Renaissance By Rick Reynolds The Mastheads, as the project is dubbed, is named for the lookout point high on the masts of early sailing ships. Each studio is designed to represent a fragment of the five structures in the area from which the 19th century…

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Building Health

Timbered Interior

Can health be built? Apparently, it can. By Rick Reynolds If “your body is your temple,”* as many of us were taught as kids, buildings can be a fitting metaphor for those personal life-support systems known as “us.” But, in our increasingly contaminated world, using our own biological architecture as a metaphor for our buildings…

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