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Getting Into Your Custom Lake House Sooner

On a lake, in the trees.

A season saved is a season earned Sooner or later, many of us will succumb to the allure of a custom lake house. But when that decision to take the plunge comes belatedly, sooner can still mean a whole summer sooner with Montage building. Off-site fabrication, with its non-linear, parallel processing—concurrent with site work—and rapid…

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Banking on “Green” of the Sustainable Kind

Savings Bank of Walpole, Keene

Reimagining how banks look and feel, while reducing their long-term costs By Rick Reynolds When the Savings Bank of Walpole wanted to reimagine their new Keene, NH, branch to service the city’s northernmost sector, they hired local green-builder, Bensonwood, of Walpole, NH, to break different ground. As a harbinger for their new branches going forward,…

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The All-Electric House: Back to the Future

GE Realty Plot Homes

By Rick Reynolds It’s been 112 years since the first all-electric bungalow style house at 1155 Avon Road in Schenectady, NY, made its debut. Known as the house without a kitchen chimney, General Electric’s Harry W. Hillman built the experimental demonstration home in 1905 to prove that electricity, alone, could power all the energy requirements…

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Green, High-Performance, Multi-Family Housing

Southface Village 1

Coming to a factory near you By Rick Reynolds Montage builder, Bensonwood, long known for its off-site fabrication of high performance residential and commercial wood structures, is ramping up its production capacity to accommodate an increased demand for green, healthy, multi-family housing. The imperative for wise land and energy use is making these sustainable, multi-family…

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