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New PHlex™ Panels for The Passive House Industry

Custom Designed Green Panels

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Bensonwood PHlex Wall Panel System

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Sarah Kossayda

Bensonwood Announces PHlex™ New Customized Green Panels Designed for Passive House Industry

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Walpole, New Hampshire

Bensonwood has launched a new product designed for the growing Passive House industry. PHlex™ (pronounced "flex") is a new product and concept that provides a cost-effective, precise and high-quality assembly of building panels (walls, floors, and roofs) to achieve customized Passive House performance. The PHlex panels are designed to meet or exceed Passive House standards, a rigorous standard initially developed in Germany, resulting in superior energy efficiency and an ultra-low carbon footprint.

"Our PHlex system adapts to each building's parameters to achieve Passive House performance, including the local climate, the orientation of the home, occupancy, square footage and budget," said Hans Porschitz, COO of Bensonwood and Certified Passive House Builder.

PHlex works by adapting the framing depth, open-built layer, and continuous insulation of the company's standard wall, roof, and floor panels. "Passive House design is not one-size-fits-all," said Porschitz. "Cooling and heating requirements for a particular building depend on where you live, microclimates, floorplans, and many other factors."


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Manufacturing PHlex Panels

The manufacturing of the custom PHlex panels follow specifications for off-site construction in the building systems facility in Keene, New Hampshire. The bundled panels get shipped for efficient assembly on the construction site.

"A team of skilled builders, with the assistance of a crane and forklift, construct the weather-tight efficient building shell in a matter of days," explained Porschitz. This efficient production method reduces the onsite waste of building materials and reduces the time it takes to erect the building.

"A general contractor can complete the project with the confidence that the many building envelope details required by Passive House standards are in place," Porschitz continued. "PHlex helps make building to Passive House specifications more realistic, achievable and affordable."

The Passive Home Advantage.

Bensonwood Passive House

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