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Residential Design Vol. 6

Case Study: A Timely Way of Building

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Residential Design Vol. 6

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Check out the “Pro-File” of Tedd Benson, Bensonwood and Unity Homes on page 18, where Tedd speaks further about the history and how collaborators can get the most for their clients.

We love collaborating with architects and builders on all kinds of projects and this residential project with Lake|Flato Architects is no exception.
Residential Design

Vol 6

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The secret to a successful project?

Knowing each other's strengths and working toward a shared goal.

The shared goal for both Bensonwood and Lake|Flato on this and possible future projects is to marry the strength each brings to housing - Bensonwood’s building performance chops and Lake|Flato’s design prowess. On the Clinton Corners project, they explored where the sweet spot might lie between an advanced factory’s system of engineered components and a renowned architecture firm’s aesthetic rigor. Also in the mix, of course, were the programmatic and design goals of the client. On all sides, such a collaboration required a great deal of trust and confidence in each member of the team.

Residential Design

VOL.6 2018

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