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Serving Multiple Masters

Think multiple master-bedroom suites signify declining intimacy? Think again.

By Rick Reynolds

Classic Bensonwood lake house bedroomIn addition to the usual wish list items requested by new homebuyers, multiple master bedroom suites are now trending among modern masters of their own universes. And despite archaic perceptions surrounding the subject, there are myriad reasons for this new shift toward separate/multiple sleeping suites.

According to Amy Gamerman, in her March 16, 2017, Wall Street Journal article, “The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Two Master Bedrooms,” the stigma of loving partners sleeping apart—a vestige of the sexual revolution—is giving way to a number of real-life, 21st-century living scenarios that have nothing to do with waning intimacy, and everything to do with promoting harmony.

Let’s take them one by one.

Separate but equal masters

When it comes to mastering master-bedroom suites, the first two rules are that households can have multiple masters and that one size may not fit all. Given differences in design and usage preferences, bedroom suite layout and amenities can require very different space plans. For example, one partner may want a gym, an ultra 4K HD TV, and a Jacuzzi, incorporated into the design: the other, a make-up room, yoga space, and oversized walk-in closet. For both, separate-but-equal luxury suites can foster harmony. After all, nothing about separate bedroom suites prevents conjugal visits, and like luxury hotel rooms, the change of venue may, indeed, encourage them.

Suites for the kids

Master suites can make a lot of sense for the kids. Aside from providing play zones, separate closets for clothes, sports gear, doll houses, and video game devices, a master suite can keep kid clutter out of common areas and kids out of common bathrooms.

Multi-generational living

For those homeowners preferring to share one master suite, there’s the consideration that aging parents or boomerang kids may, one day, need to live under their roofs. Separate master- bedroom suites can provide the separation, independence, and privacy all can appreciate.

VIP suites for guests

For childless couples, empty nesters, vacation home owners, and all gregarious folks who like to entertain, having a separate master-bedroom suite for those special guests from out of town can make everyone feel special while maintaining separation and privacy.

Upstairs/downstairs suites: Aging in place

As forward-looking, multi-story homebuyers contemplate their golden years, downstairs master suites that anticipate failing knees or hips can maintain the feeling of luxury when their upstairs master suite becomes a step too far.

Sleeping disorders

For those with insomnia, snoring, REM sleep behavior, midnight-snacking, or sleepwalking issues, having a separate master-bedroom suite can be a blessing to any relationship while, at the same time, prevent bruised ribs from partners’ elbows.

Clashing work schedules

It’s no secret that, in the modern world, jobs are not all 9-5. Different job schedules can interrupt partners’ sleep patterns, leading to excessive grumpiness and loss of productivity.

Masters of all they survey

In multi-story houses, having multiple master suites on separate floors can make a lot of sense. As one example, the upstairs master may have a water view, and the downstairs master, a view of the garden. The ability to change vantage points can add to a home’s appeal and, potentially, its investment value.

So, to begin where we started, if repeating the phrase, “seismic shift in separate sleeping suites,” nine times fast, doesn’t make you drowsy, ponder that it can lead to a dreamy, nine percent premium in the value of your new home, at least as reported in the Wall Street Journal. And that, alone, may help you sleep better at night.