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Congrats to CJ Brehio on his Bensonwood work anniversary!

When did you know you were headed towards a career in the construction industry?
When I was 15 or 16 years old, I started repairing church steeples with my father.

What drew you to working at Bensonwood/Unity Homes in particular?
When I worked at other timber frame companies you hear the reputation and see some of the projects, so I set my sights on bigger and better things.

What position/positions have you held within the company?
Timber framer, timber frame team leader, Vfab drafter.

What skills would you say you have acquired/developed while working at Bensonwood/Unity Homes?
Bensonwood helped me take my skills to a new level from hand carving birds dogs and elk to having the confidence to take on projects of any size.

What is your most memorable BeamTeam moment?
Backcountry snowmobiling in Vail CO, Shows at Red Rocks, Buffalo in SD, Crane guy dunking me into Lake Superior.

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We are #hiring for an Architectural Project Manager in the Bensonwood Design Group! You will be working with our sustainable Open Home design system created with Lake|Flato and KieranTimberlake. We are looking for someone who is looking to be a part of a company with a strong focus on sustainability. For more information or to apply click the link in our bio! #jobpost #bensonwood #architect ...

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Congrats to Iver Bowen on 10 years at Bensonwood!

When did you know you wanted to be a timber framer?
"My father's been a carpenter for over 40 years, and I worked with him on a bunch of projects, including two timber frames. I told him I wanted to learn more about timber framing, and he told me to buy Tedd's book. While reading the book I realized Bensonwood was only an hour away and I applied for a job."

What is your most memorable Beam Team moment?
"I have a ton of funny stories, but they might not be appropriate for social media!"

Where can you find me on the weekends?
"Working on my house, I have an awesome fixer-upper."

Bagels, Fruit, or Donuts?

Photo creds to Iver 📸

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Protecting people and the planet, our Vermont Passive House was built for generations of enjoyment without compromising beauty, energy efficiency, or durability. #passivehouse #timberframe #bensonwood ...

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This art installation, designed by IKD and built by Bensonwood, generates conversation around the use of hardwood cross laminated timbers in the U.S. The award winning structure continues to inspire us! #timberart #bensonwood #conversationplinth ...

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We are honored to share this recent article in Fast Company about OpenHome. OpenHome is our collaboration with architecture firms KieranTimberlake and Lake|Flato. Together, we offer a more attainable custom home for consumers who seek an architectural solution that doesn't compromise on:
- Site-specific, adaptable design
- Occupant health through indoor air quality
- Ease of construction
- Energy efficiency
Thank you to Fast Company and Nate Berg for sharing the OpenHome process. Check out the full story on Fast Company's website!
#fastcompany #openhome #design

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Save the date! The Catskills Project team invites you to join them for an open house and ribbon cutting celebration on Saturday October 9th from 2-6 PM. Enjoy live music, food & drink, property tours and a chance to meet The Catskill Project’s team. More details included on @thecatskillproject page!
#timberframe #bensonwood #thecatskillproject

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Take a look at one of our new projects in Roscoe, NY. This project will have a green roof when completed and it is built of a custom wall assembly!
#greenbuidling #Bensonwood #timberframe

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